About Us

Our Team

Finsignal comprises University of Bath students constantly seeking new knowledge in financial markets. We host biweekly meetings where we discuss possible trading prospects and any news that we find interesting. These meetings are designed to share knowledge, grow as a team, and, most importantly, share a laugh or two. 

What we do

We host podcasts, write blog posts, and meet up every week to discuss investment-related topics, from capital markets to art. Not only do we explore upcoming issues within financial markets, but we also discuss how to improve soft skills and proficiency in MS Office.

Our stock-of-the-month reports will be one month in advance to try and predict market outcomes to further discuss possibilities and opportunities to develop our own ideas. At FinSignal, you will be able to create the foundations of your financial knowledge, learning other fundamental and interpersonal skills on the way. 

Why Finsignal

Eager to gain more knowledge about financial markets, we figured this was the perfect vehicle to demonstrate our avidity for finance. While this project expresses our passion in multiple ways, we also considered starting this to connect with like-minded student around us – hoping to take this overseas (hopefully).

We started FinSignal to share ideas; whether they are finance-based or not. We want everyone to express their ideas on what they think is worth sharing.  

We are a community

Not only are we keen about financial markets and investment, but we also love our socials and prioritize friendships over everything. We tend to have a social every week to blow some steam off and talk about non-financial related topics.