Our Activities

Finance debates

We get together to discuss contemporary finance issues

Bi-Weekly Meetings

We meet twice a week, virtually and in person to keep the ideas flowing. 

Pitch your ideas

Present your ideas at your convenience and receive constructive feedback

Make better decisions

Build on valuable feedback, and engage in group technical & fundamental analysis to make sound decisions.

Guest Speakers

Enjoy the opportunity to listen to great purveyors of business knowledge and advice

Develop financial acumen

Grow your financial literacy and make great connections.

Great Socials

We want to be taken seriously, but not that seriously.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

We want you to feel at home and make great friends in our team.

The Watchlist

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Polls of the week

Is META going to recover?

Will the turbulent rebranding and hefty metaverse spending eventually payoff?


The current annual UK annual inflation rate is at 11.1% as of November 2022 according to the CPI index (Statista, 2022)

What is a stock that should be on our watchlist?

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